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Credit Ratings and Analysis
It tells investors the likelihood of default, or non-payment, by the issuer of its . fulfill the need for an impartial assessment of the creditworthiness of bond issuers .

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Raymond James Financial | Services and Products | Bond Basics
If a bond is insured, attention should be given to the creditworthiness of the underlying issuer or obligor on the bond as the insurance feature may not represent .

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Credit rating agency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
[edit] Ratings use by bond issuers. Issuers rely on credit ratings as an independent verification of their own credit-worthiness and the resultant value of the .

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Debt Issuance Policies
A state issuer should issue subordinate debt only if it is financially beneficial as defined by the issuer or consistent with creditworthiness objectives. Policy 13: .

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Where Credit Is Due: A Look at the Ratings
To assess an individual bond issue, an agency will review the creditworthiness of the issuer, as well as evaluate the specific terms and conditions of the debt .

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Credit Ratings Agencies: Ranking Bonds for Safety; Default Risk ...
There are a handful of companies that evaluate and rank bonds -- offering simple -to-follow codes that describe the credit-worthiness of a bond issuer.

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What Is a Bond? - Personal Finance -
Consider the credit-worthiness of bond issuers. No investment is risk-free. Investors looking for the safest of safe bonds should consider Treasurys, which are .

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Standard & Poor's | About Credit Ratings
They express opinions about the ability and willingness of an issuer, such as a . the credit quality of an issue, such as a bond or other debt obligation, and the relative . as to the creditworthiness of an issuer or the credit quality of a particular .

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The Underlying Bond Rating |
The main underlying foundation of bond ratings is the creditworthiness and financial stability of the issuer. U.S. Treasuries, backed by the full taxing power of the .

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Perpetual Bonds &Bond Rating
Bond Rating. Grade on bond indicates credit quality. Affects interest rate applied to bond. Credit rating for an issuer based on issuer's credit worthiness (ability to .

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S&P | Ratings Credit Ratings Definitions & FAQs | Americas
Credit ratings can also speak to the credit quality of an individual debt issue, such as . Each agency applies its own methodology in measuring creditworthiness .

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Moody's Rating Symbols & Definitions
an issuer's general creditworthiness (without respect to individual debt obligations or other specific securities). Examples include our long-term obligation ratings .

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Debentures Definition & Example | InvestingAnswers
Companies that are extremely creditworthy often have no reason to pledge specific assets in order to sell a bond issue because they'll still pay relatively low .

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High-yield corporate bonds
debt issued by private companies, known as corporate bonds. • Investment-grade bonds are issued by the most creditworthy issuers. • High-yield bonds are .

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Moody's Credit Rating Definitions |
Short-term debt refers to loans that have terms of 13 months or less, such as a bond . Moody's uses a different set of designations to represent creditworthiness . . an issuer's ability to raise the cash needed to pay its debts for the next year.

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Bond Issuers
The bond market separates bond issuers into categories based on the similarities of . form the key indicator of the creditworthiness of a government issuer.

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Rating Bonds | Lightbulb Press
These companies assess the creditworthiness of a bond issuer or a specific issue rather than the market appeal of the bond. They look at other debt the issuer .

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Junk Bond Creditworthiness
Junk Bond Creditworthiness. . buying a junk bond, you should also consider its maturity date, the time at which the bond must be repaid by the bond issuer.

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What Are Bond Ratings? |
These organizations investigate the bond issuer's financial statements and credit history to determine the bond issuer's creditworthiness in the future. In the case .

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Document Title
The modifier 1 indicates that the issuer or obligation ranks in the higher end of its . Independent, objective assessments of the relative creditworthiness of debt .

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Taxable Bonds | Corporate Bonds - Raymond James
In addition, yields vary among corporate bond issuers based on different risk factors, including an issuer's creditworthiness and its industry. Economic factors .

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Where Credit Is Due - CFO Magazine - November 2003 Issue - CFO ...
Nov 1, 2003 . A new study of the largest issuers of corporate debt shows that recent gains in creditworthiness are more fragile than you think.

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Rating Symbols and Definitions
this credit rating is an opinion as to the creditworthiness or a debt obligation of the issuer, not on the equity securities of the issuer or any form of security that is .

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ICI - Understanding the Risks of Bond Mutual Funds: Are They Right ...
Credit risk refers to the creditworthiness of the bond issuer and its expected ability to make timely interest payments and to pay the face value of the bond at .

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Slow Down When You See High Yield - FINRA - Investor Information ...
Junk bonds are considered riskier investments because the issuer's general . may find it difficult to assess the overall creditworthiness of the issuer of the bond.

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* Creditworthiness - (Business): Definition
Creditworthiness The condition in which the risk of default on a debt obligation by that entity is deemed low. Credit qualityA measure of a bond issuer's ability to .

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How to Determine which Municipal Bonds to Buy - E-PersonalFinance
Moody's Investors Service and Standard & Poor's are rating agencies that rate the creditworthiness of a bond issuer. An AAA rating indicates an issuer with little .

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Creditworthiness Standard Finalized - Dodd-Frank News Center
Jul 24, 2012 . The Dodd-Frank Act requires that any corporate debt security investment . must satisfy standards of creditworthiness established by the FDIC. . and periodically thereafter, that the issuer has adequate capacity to meet all .

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Swiss issuers remain overall solid — utilities ... - Credit Suisse
Aug 28, 2012 . The study examines the creditworthiness of the largest Swiss bond issuers and main participants in the capital market through a structured .

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Bond Mutual Funds: What You Need to Know
Credit risk refers to the creditworthiness of the bond issuer and its expected ability to pay interest and to repay its debt. If a bond issuer is unable to repay .

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Mar 30, 2012. a Credit History Summary form in order to asses creditworthiness, . if unavailable, corporate issuer debt rating discounted one notch) of at .

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Bond Indentures (aka Trust Indenture, Deed Of Trust)
Because the value of a bond depends on the creditworthiness of the issuer, indentures usually include protective covenants (aka restrictive covenants) that .

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Can Bond Ratings Measure Bond Risk? - Wiki | The Motley Fool
Nonetheless, ratings are designed to provide a glimpse into the creditworthiness of bond issuers, and to offer investors some expectations for risks and returns.

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Fixed-income bond funds can provide income and diversification ...
Timothy: The public bond market generally recognizes three independent rating agencies when it looks at the credit worthiness of a bond issuer. The agencies .

Best's Credit Ratings & Analysis
Best's Credit Ratings are independent opinions regarding the creditworthiness of an issuer or debt obligation. Best's Credit Ratings are based on a .

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Brandes Credit Focus Yield Fund - Overview - Brandes Investment ...
Below investment grade debt securities are speculative and involve a greater risk of default and price change due to changes in the issuer's creditworthiness.

What is a Credit Union?
credit rating is the credit worthiness of debt issuer determined by credit rating agencies. Debt issuer can be corporation or government. Issuing a debt means .

S&P | Governments | Americas
Issuer Credit Ratings – demonstrates an entity's creditworthiness to contributors, banks or lessors by evaluating the issuer's long- and short-term debt securities .

The Value of a “Aaa” Debt Rating
issuer's general creditworthiness (without respect to individual debt obligations or other specific securities). Municipal Ratings are based upon the analysis of .

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What Determines the Rate of Return on a Bond?
The creditworthiness of a bond's issuer affects the interest rate, or coupon rate, of a bond. The better the issuer's credit rating, the lower the rate of interest will be.

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Bond Exchange | An Introduction to Investment
The lower the creditworthiness of the bond issuer, the higher the amount of risk assumed by the bond purchaser, and in order to obtain investment, the issuer will .

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A Road Map of Tax Consequences of Modifying Debt
Jun 1, 2012 . Failure to perform: The failure of an issuer to perform its obligations . the debtor's creditworthiness would affect the value of the debt, and the .

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